I Photographed My First (And Probably Last) Wedding!


I'm a long-time admirer of professional wedding photography. I love seeing the creative ways photographers put different spins on traditional shots, or try new things that push the limits of what we consider 'wedding photography.' The mastery of light and camera technology required to compose those one-in-a-million pictures has never been something I've possessed. But some friends asked me to photograph their wedding, and even with my disclaimers of amateurity and lack of experience, they kept asking me, and I said yes. (I decided I didn't want them to pay me for it because a) they're dear friends and b) then they couldn't be too mad if the photos sucked.)

It was a loooong day, where I pretty much only sat down when nature called. My thighs were crazy sore for almost a week. I admired wedding photographers before, but now even more so. When I got home that night I wanted to fall in bed, but not before I uploaded all the photos to my computer. While skimming through the pictures of the ceremony I saw a jump from a shot of the rings exchange to the recessional. Because I was exhausted and hysterical, I didn't feel I could rely on my hazy memory of shooting THE kiss. Had I actually missed it? I thought, "If I missed it, I'm human garbage."

But as a newbie I'd forgotten that I was shooting with two different cameras during the ceremony, and the kiss was captured in multiple frames on a different card. Over the last week, I somehow managed to reduce my 3,921 buttload of photos down to 391 of my favorite ones that told 'the story' of the day as truly as possible.

Here are a few of the ones I'm most proud of. And when I say 'proud' I really mean 'gobsmacked that the elements converged and worked with the high quality camera with little to no help from me to make a semi-decent photo'!

My favorite way to learn history


Waaay back in 2011 before I traveled to London and subsequently took a break from all things British (spoiler: I didn't have a great time), I published a post about the show Horrible Histories. Now 5 years later, I discovered that the whole series is available as part of my Hulu subscription. I think I'd only made it through season 3, and they ended up making 2 more that I never saw, and my love is now rekindled. This summer has been weird and full of self-pity and self-loathing, so having this little show available to make me laugh has been a gift.

Here's a round-up of the songs I've had happily stuck in my head for the last month. Unfortunately the CBBC has really been cracking down on illegal videos of the show, so most of these are missing their hilarious sets/production/actors. Really, you should just get a Hulu subscription. This show alone is worth it!

RAF Pilots (as Take That)

Mary Tudor (as Kate Bush)

Aztec Priests (as The Bee Gees)

The Thinkers (as The Beatles)

Charles Darwin (as David Bowie)

Charles Dickens (as Morrissey)

Vikings (as Simon & Garfunkel)

Victoria & Albert

The Emperors (as Michael Jackson)

#151: The B-52's by The B-52's


The B-52's by The B-52's (1979)

Favorite Tracks: "Lava" and "6060-842"

Thoughts: The B-52's! This is their debut album, and it's pretty much exactly what I expected a B-52's album to be. I'm only really familiar with "Love Shack" (which isn't on this album) so this was an opportunity to get to delve into their music in a way I haven't up to this point. I liked it, but it also didn't blow me away. I think I could enjoy hearing this album while at a dive bar or even showing up in a random party playlist, but it's definitely not something I will be going out of my way to hear.  For me, they're iconic for sure, but not essential.

Is This Better Than Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy?: Not to me.

Somebody somebody somewhere keeps me in mind


I mentioned in a recent post that I've become addicted to the 'comedy' podcast My Favorite Murder with comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. I'd followed Karen for ages on Twitter, and I highly recommend following her because she's hilarious:

In an effort to be more vulnerable today I chose jeans that make me look like a lost baby (x)

You always know a girl wants a serious relationship in a movie if she rides a bike to work (x)

My therapist is out of town so if you see me I'd appreciate it if you'd make a sad face, hold both palms out and say "That's a lot to hold." (x)

When I was finally able to distinguish Georgia's voice from Karen's, I realized I really, really, really like hearing it. It's kind of raspy/scratchy, and it's lovely (though of course today I learned from the most recent episode that she smokes!). So out of curiosity to match a face with a voice, I searched for videos of her on YouTube, and found out she's a singer-songwriter! Which is basically the best result when you love hearing someone's voice.

So I decided I wanted to share some of my favorite songs of her's I came across.

"Solid 9"

If only life was like a sitcom
If only I could play the husband
Then I could just be fat and funny
and you'd be hot, and shut your mouth 

But we all know our roles 
it's impossible; it never will be otherwise
Men fall in love first through their eyes
And second through their...eyes

"Jesus Walks"

Jesus lived then he had to die
Because of your sins
Because of how much you lie

"Gimme Mine"

I'm holding out for that old-time feeling
And I just wanna know 
Somebody somebody somewhere keeps me in mind
It's a heavy load
But it's worth repeating
Everybody got some
Gimme gimme gimme gimme mine

A live album featuring these three songs is available on iTunes, titled Live at the Bootleg. More recently she seems to be working with a guy named Drennon Davis, and here they are performing "The High Song" on Conan. (They also have an album together on iTunes called I Don't Care I Like It).