Currents, October 2017


Drink: The amazing (and unfortunately, limited) Pineapple Spice flavor of IZZE.

Food: The frozen Trader Joe's Hatch Chile Mac 'n Cheese. For some reason it smells like jalapeno cornbread to me and I love it. Note to self: make jalapeno cornbread.

Podcast: I've been enjoying Good Christian Fun and I'm excited to try Zealot.

Celebrity Crush: I rewatched the first season of Top of the Lake can have all the feels for Johnno. (But don't get me started on what they did to his character for season 2--NOT COOL).
Book: I've been listening to--what else?--true crime. Most recently, Dead by Sunset: Perfect Husband, Perfect Killer? by Ann Rule and Devil in the White City. I'm about to start Whoever Fights Monsters: My Twenty Years Traching Serial Killers for the FBI by Robert K. Kessler and Tom Shachtman.

Project: I'm re-stenciling my bathroom with a new stencil design after some construction that was done in there this summer.

TV Show: I started watching Moral Orel thinking it would be silly and harsh on dogmatic conservative Christians, and it is, but it's emotionally eviscerated me. Young Maryann may not have been as naive as Orel, but I see so much of her in him. And the music is everything.

Movie: The only movies I've seen recently are ones lampooned by the Mike and the bots.
Obsession: It's lame, I know, but it's become very important to me to have Wet Ones (or their generic equivalent) wherever I go. Like, the ability to have clean hands no matter where I am has strangely crept into my top self-care priorities.

Thankfulness: Thanks to help from my parents, I'm going to start getting allergy shots. I'm cautiously optimistic about them helping me be less congested and less tired over time.

Worry: I feel like I need to find a middle ground between pride for doing hard things by myself and knowing when it's OK to ask for help.

Fashion: Anything made of sweats material that meets two requirements: it's black and it covers most of my body.

Music: I'm loving The Choir Practice (that I of course heard first on Moral Orel).

Reminder: "Having perfected our disguise, we spend our lives searching for someone we don't fool." 
- Robert Brault

I've got new rules


Who else is enjoying the hell out of this song and video?

#149: Santana by Santana

Santana by Santana (1969)

Favorite Tracks: "Waiting" and "Evil Ways" and "Shades of Time" and "Savor" and "Jingo-Lo-Ba" and "Fried Neckbones (And Some Homefries)" and "Persuasion" and "Treat" and "You Just Don't Care" and "Soul Sacrifice" and "Studio Jam"

Thoughts: My Friday gets funky, thanks to Santana. And how cool is this album cover? Do you see all the faces and people? I think I count six. I bet this album art has blown a number of stoned minds over the last almost 50 years.

The album starts out with the funky instrumental, "Waiting," and then leads into the well-known hit, "Evil Ways," which, it turns out, is a cover of a jazz song originally written by Clarence "Sonny" Henry for his own album, Bobo Motion, in 1967. And while this song is classic, I'd never really listened closely to the lyrics until now, and they're concerning.
You've got to change your evil ways... babyBefore I stop loving youYou've got to change... babyAnd every word that I say, it's trueYou've got me running and hidingAll over townYou've got me sneaking and peepingAnd running you downThis can't go on...Lord knows you got to change... baby 
When I come home... babyMy house is dark and my pots are coldYou're hangin' round, babyWith Jean and Joan and-a who knows whoI'm getting tired of waiting and fooling aroundI'll find somebody who won't make me feel like a clownThis can't go on...Lord knows you got to change
Like, stalker much? Not to mention the whole "my pots are cold" and you-should-be-home-waiting-for-me mentality. This is the kind of trashy attitude that brought about second-wave feminism!

"Shades of Time" seemed familiar (and great) but I'm not sure why I would recognize it. Is it in a movie or show I'm forgetting? Maybe Mad Men? I know I could use the internet for this but I'm feeling lazy.

"Savor," which Santana performed at Woodstock (I couldn't find video footage) really got me moving in my seat and made me wish I was listening to the album on vinyl. 

I mean, I could talk about the rest of the songs, but I don't have enough ways to say how funky and killer this album is. And with the piano, it's much jazzier than I expected! It's really, really good. The band performing "Soul Sacrifice" at Woodstock:

Is This Better Than Darkness On the Edge of Town: I mean, it's super, super great. I can't say it's better than Darkness, but man, it's fantastic.

Currents, May 2017


Drink: I just bought a Nespresso machine. I'm looking forward to never sleeping again because I'm going to have vanilla lattes all day long.

Food: Veggie samosas.

Podcast: Star Trek: The Next Conversation with Matt Mira and Andrew Secunda.

Celebrity Crush: Dan Stevens. 

Book: Sex, God, and the Conservative Church: Erasing Shame from Sexual Intimacy by Tina Schermer Sellers and Growing Up Again: Parenting Ourselves, Parenting Our Children by Jean Illsley Clarke and Connie Dawson. So, you know, that light summer reading life.

Project: I've started playing D&D...? And my character is a shape-shifter, so I'm working on means of organizing all the miniatures of animals she can turn into. So, you know, I'm really using my time and effort appropriately these days. 

TV Show: I mean, obviously Handmaid's Tale, but I just finished The Keepers on Netflix. So good, but be ready to cry. And be angry. 

Movie: The music of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 made the movie a pure delight. And I'm really excited for Wonder Woman and The Big Sick.

Thankfulness: I somehow managed to re-finance my mortgage for a lower rate? Adulting is weird.

Fashion: I'm getting back into novelty t-shirts (like of tv shows and podcasts and stuff). Last time I was into them they said shit like "body piercing saved my life" and "jesusade: the ultimate thirst-quencher." Yep.

Music: I finally saw Highlander, and now I'm in a Queen love-fest.

Wishlist: I've been longing for lots of Breyer horses. (Why do you think I'm reading Growing Up Again?)

"Logical thinking keeps you from wasting time worrying, or hoping. It prevents disappointment. Imagination, on the other hand, only gets you hyped up over things that will never realistically happen." - Jodi Picoult