the girl who lived


I survived Hood to Coast. Barely!

Total miles of the race: 197

Number of U.S. states with participating runners: 49 (Arkansas was lame)

Size: largest relay in the world

My Best time: 9 min. and 44 sec. miles on my first leg of 5.76 miles

New love: Tropical citrus Vitamin water

Biggest reminder of childhood: bumper cars and ski-ball in Seaside, and then taking our tickets to buy prizes like erasers that say "God Made Me Special" above a picture of a pig.

Pet peeve: competitive people who sign up to be on non-competitive teams.

Most frequent insecurity: that if there was an award for person-on-our-team-with-the-largest-ass, I would be the hands-down winner.

Most awe-inspiring moment: how encouraging and thoughtful people can be--even (and sometimes especially) perfect strangers.

Saddest moments: a tie between running through Oregon and realizing how much I miss it and love it, and the day after the race when it really hit me that I won't see my sister again until Christmas.

Sorest area of my body: varies between soles of my feet, quads, gluts, calves, and joints.

Current wish: that I was married to a massage therapist.

Best part of it all: the people--those I ran with, those who yelled at me from their cars, and those who told me how proud they were when it was all over and gave me lots of food and advil.


theresa clare said...

Summary response: You inspire me.

Gut reaction: I miss you.

Maryann Shaw said...

I miss you too. Kiss New York for me (somewhere clean, preferably.)