Songs for Swingin' Young Lovers


And old and in-between lovers! iTunes is either really nice or really stupid. Tonight I watched the first season SNL episode with host Madeline Kahn, and she sang this hauntingly beautiful song called "Lost in the Stars" (which, incidentally, is my new favorite song about God) so I looked it up on iTunes. Frank Sinatra sings it, so I clicked on the album it's from. This

is what came up. "Eh," I thought foolishly, "this seems like any early Frank album from Columbia, back when he was king of the bobby-soxers and still making musicals." As most albums on iTunes, this one was listed as $9.99. But then when I went to search for my desired song, I realized something.

This $9.99 album has 97 songs on it. 97 songs. And not crappy throw away songs, either. But "Over the Rainbow", "Stormy Weather", "White Christmas", "Someone to Watch Over Me", "One for My Baby (And One More for the Road)", "Night and Day", "That Old Black Magic" and more.

I know, I know, I sound like an infomercial. But this man is the voice. Some would say they prefer Frank's later years, and true, that musical styling is great. But if you are more into classics and less into lounge music Vegas style, that's all you'll get here. I personally love to have Frank on in the background when I am cleaning or spending time alone or better yet--cooking. He's also great to play at dinner parties.

Usually I would just order the set from the library (which maybe is what you will do), but when I can get good music at a great price--I like to buy it. And I couldn't pass this up! It's a part of American history, and certainly my history of loving classic American songbook ballads, as sung by one of the best male voices ever.

So I just wanted to make sure that any of you out there who might appreciate a collection like this wouldn't miss the opportunity iTunes has decided to give us. 'Ol Blue Eyes is back!

Embarassing Celebrity-osbsession story from Maryann's past #846:

The year Frank Sinatra died (1998) I bought a 365 Days of Frank Sinatra calendar. And still have it in our hall closet in Oregon.

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