the source of our life


"My soul pants, yea, thirsts after the living God." Not after a Creed regarding God, not after an idea of God, not after a remembrance of God, not after a Divine Majesty, that, far removed from the soul, stands over against God in words or in phrases, but after God Him[Her]self, after God in His[Her] holy outpouring of strength and grace, after God who is alive, holy exhibition of love reveals Him[Her]self to you and in your as the living God. You feel that all learning falls away, all dogma, all formulas, everything that exhausts itself in words...It is not your idea, not your understanding, not your thinking, not your reasoning, not even your profession of faith, that here can quench the thirst. The home-sickness goes out after God Him[Her]self...It is not the Name of God but God Him[Her]self whom your soul desires and can not do without.

- Abraham Kuyper, To Be Near unto God.

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