This Wonderful Thing


By Madeleine L'Engle

I've had moments of truth breaking in on me. I don't think that artists have difficulty with the concept of the Holy Spirit because we know that often our best work is not ours. But it's often difficult for us as intellectuals to understand the second person of the Trinity, Jesus. It's hard to understand that the power that made the galaxies came to this earth as a tiny baby.

For many people, our faith swells and diminishes, swells and diminishes. It's not a straight line. But when it's most needed it's there.

I agree with H.A. Williams who says that faith is the acceptance of doubt rather than the repression of it; that what we believe is so incredible that there are moments when it's beyond our capacity to use our imagination to believe this wonderful thing.
(painting by Yueh Mei Cheng)

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