Academy Award-Winning Musicals


Best Picture

Only nine movie musicals have won the Best Picture Oscar, a small number when one considers the hundreds of entries over the decades. Below are the forty-five film musicals that were nominated, with the nine winners in bold. [and asterisks next to ones Maryann likes]

1929 The Broadway Melody
Hollywood Revue of 1929

1930 The Love Parade

1931 One Hour With You
The Smiling Lieutenant
1933 42nd Street
She Done Him Wrong

1934 Flirtation Walk
The Gay Divorcee
One Night of Love

1935 Broadway Melody of 1936
Naughty Marietta
Top Hat*

1936 The Great Ziegfeld*
San Francisco
Three Smart Girls

1937 In Old Chicago
One Hundred Men and A Girl

1938 Alexander's Ragtime Band

1939 The Wizard of Oz*

1942 Yankee Doodle Dandy

1944 Going My Way*

1945 Anchors Aweigh*

1948 The Red Shoes

1951 An American in Paris*

1954 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers*
The Country Girl

1956 The King and I

1958 Gigi*

1961 West Side Story*

1962 The Music Man*

1964 My Fair Lady*
Mary Poppins*

1965 The Sound of Music*

1967 Doctor Dolittle*

1968 Oliver!
Funny Girl*

1969 Hello Dolly!*

1971 Fiddler on the Roof*

1972 Cabaret*

1975 Nashville

1976 Bound for Glory

1979 All That Jazz*

1980 Coal Miner's Daughter

1991 Beauty and the Beast*

1997 Evita*

from Film it With Music: An Encyclopedic Guide to the American Movie Musical

It got pretty sparse there, didn't it? Well the times, they are a-changin'!

Ok, when I look at the list on wikipedia, it does not list Evita as a nominee, so I don't know what that business is about, but here is an updated list:

2001 Moulin Rouge!*

2002 Chicago

Yeah, OK, so the times maybe still have some room to change a bit more. Come on, Sweeney Todd!

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Why isn't Chicago in bold? It won in 2002 !