Think again you pagans!


My favorite television station is hands-down TCM, Turner Classic Movies. While some of you might think, "Um, doesn't anything having to do with Ted Turner remind you of your CNN headquarter experience?" The answer to that would be yes, but I love the station anyway! It shows all my favorite old musicals and movies, and has introduced me to many new favorites! There are no commercials, they do fascinating vignettes on famous actors, and best of all are the marathons. My dream job would certainly be to work for TCM, if only it weren't based in Atlanta.

They also work hard to release old movies to DVD, owning most of the copyrights anyway!

What caused me to write this post? I get a monthly e-mail newsletter from TCM, and on December 25th they are doing all movies about Jesus! Here is the blurb they sent with it:

"And you thought Christmas was about Santa Claus? Think again you pagans! We're here to remind you it's a religious holiday too with our triple feature that includes Jeffrey Hunter in King of Kings (1961)."

I love it: think again you pagans! Also exciting: they are doing a Fred and Ginger marathon for New Year's!

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