I'll follow you down 'til the sound of my voice will haunt you.


Diablo Cody, screenwriter for Juno, had a wonderful post on her blog about a Fleetwood Mac song called "Silver Springs" which is stuck on repeat in my iTunes. Here's the video, and below it what she says about it. I couldn't agree more. Chills!

"I love the Mac, and I especially love their later performances. Major Lindsay/Stevie angst. This one is killer, because "Silver Springs" is about immortalizing a love affair through art. Time casts a spell on people, but great songs and films last forever. Stevie has said that she hoped her songs about Lindsay would ensure that he'd never be able to forget about her. Even today, he probably turns on his car radio and bam-- it's 1976 and they're both dicking each other over in spectacular fashion.
Even if you hate Fleetwood Mac, you have to at least watch the end of this. The way she looks at him when she sings "Never get away..." CHA-HILLS runnin' up my spine, brother!"

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