Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Ok, Leprechauns really have nothing to do with this holiday besides an association with Ireland, but Finian's Rainbow (1968) is the most Irish thing on my radar right now. Tommy Steele (far right) plays Og the Leprechaun who travels to find Fred Astaire who stole his gold and took it to Rainbow Valley.

And to come full circle, the third man from the left is Don Francks--the main singer from "The Great Come-And-Get-It-Day" video I posted. His voice is one-of-a-kind--so I looked to see if he had recorded anything else.

I found out his daughter is Cree Summer--another fantastic singer! Her album Street Faerie was produced and even features her longtime friend Lenny Kravitz. So I bought two of her songs: "Miss Moon" and "Revelation Sunshine" which I am enjoying immensely!

There's no trivia tonight at Mulleady's, it being an Irish Pub and all. But if you are looking for a fun place to spend St. Paddy's Day, you should check it out!

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