it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive


Hoo, boy. What a night. My dad and I rode the MAX tonight to the Rose Garden and found our way to our 300 section nosebleed seats. The tickets listed the start time as 7:30. No opening act. They took the stage after 8:30. As my father said, "They make you want it."

Danny Federici (keyboards) was missing, as was Patti, who Bruce said was home with their three teenagers. But everyone else was in full form and completely delivered.

The songs played; not in their correct order (and only those I can remember right now):

"Radio Nowhere"
"She's the One" (total surprise to me and my dad, absolutely awesome)
"Lost in the Flood" (wasn't familiar with this one--it's off Greetings from Asbury Park and it's incredible)
"Lonesome Day" (classic)
"Gypsy Biker"
"For You" (Bruce played it just because someone made a sign requesting it. *swoon*)
"Candy's Room"
"Devil's Arcade"
"Prove it All Night" (such a perfect live song)
"Last to Die" (new song but it's very likable)
"Livin' in the Future" (also new, so new in fact I thought for sure someone else wrote it and that they were covering it...cause I knew the lyrics...and it was so familiar...)
"The Rising" (we clapped in time throughout the entire thing)
"The Promised Land"
"Long Walk Home" (another home run new song)
"Badlands" (I could not physically bring myself to sit during this song...surely one of the best rock songs ever written)

Bruce makes the set list every night before a show, and will pick songs from all over his decades of music, to the point that some of the band members have to pull our chord charts and listen to the CDs to refresh their memories. How he remembers all the lyrics is extraordinary.

The encore consisted of:

"Girls in their Summer Clothes" (lucky women in the front row)
"Jungleland" (someone handed him a large piece of fabric that had an Oregon license plate with the letters: JUNGLND. He loved it, showed it to the band, showed it to us, and we went ape****. My dad and I screamed the entire lyrics to each other, air-guitared, air-saxophoned, and couldn't believe we were seeing and hearing this masterpiece live. Bruce even managed the heart-wrenching groan vocals at the end.)
"Dancing in the Dark" (I thought anything from the Born in the U.S.A. would never be played, just like Tunnel of Love...but here it was. We also screamed these lyrics, this time with hand-motions no less.)
"Born to Run" (for both this and "Dancing in the Dark" the houselights were on so they could see us all rocking out)
"American Land" (two words: two accordions).

Part of me was appalled at the absence of "Thunder Road", but my dad and I decided that if he always did the Holy Born to Run Trinity ("Jungleland", "Born to Run", "Thunder Road"), what would keep bringing people back? :) And there was no "Atlantic City" or "My Love Will Not Let You Down", but the concert was fantastic no matter what. It's so fun to appreciate musicians who have huge catalogs of work: you can almost always discover something old that is new and fresh to you.

I'm not sure what it is about concerts, why they're so powerful, make me feel so alive. Here are these songs, so many of which were written long before I was born, being played especially for me and my neighbors. Hell yes I'll shell out money for that. To sing back to an artist the words that they wrote. Yes, your songs touched us. They move us still. Thank you. Please keep writing, and visit again soon. BRUUUUUUUUUUCE!

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