I've had enough.


I'm sick of wearing hats. I'm sick of straightening and curling. I'm sick of trying to defy gravity (flying high, defying gravity). I wanted to call and make an appointment at a salon all this weekend. My Easter hair was disgusting--wiry, greasy, thin, flat, and worst of all, my dark, dark roots. My life is so hard.

What I'm asking for: "Please cut as much as you think I can get away with." I know that only old women and hot androgynous models look good with short hair, but I can't stand my hair when it's long. Actually, so many of my favorite women starlets rocked short hair: Leslie Caron, Liza Minnelli, Barbra, Audrey Heburn, Shirley MacLaine, Kate Hepburn, Julie Andrews. I could be in worse company.

I would luuuuuuve something along these lines if my hair could take it:

In other good news, my rope sandals arrived and I may never wear anything else ever again.


Jess said...

Those sandals are sweet! I was close to buying a pair just like it a couple of years back while traveling through Humboldt county!! I resisted though. Too bad you didn't have them while on the boats summer '05, huh? Totally a journeying captain look. ;)

Anonymous said...

OOOO I'm excited about your hair cut. I think you can totally rock really short hair.
PS love the jesus sandals

Andrea said...

You can totally pull it off. I remember when you first went to short hair I was in complete shock. But now I can't imagine you any other way. Short hair is very you.

Maryann said...

Jess, you're right, they totally would have worked for houseboats--what cool tanlines they will cause!

And thanks for the support on the short hair venture. Needless to say I feel tons better the less of it I have on my head.

Anonymous said...

I like the sandals too, but can never find them.. Where can I get them online? I would also love to keep the money in the United States too.

Maryann said...

I bought mine online from Nomadic State of Mind, where they were cheap and I really liked the business ethics.

But you might not choose not to because I'm not sure what you mean by keeping the money in the U.S. I believe the owners of the company live in the U.S. (but as the name of the company suggests, I think they travel often), this is on there website (

"Currently a lot of our sandals are being made in a small out of work coffee farm in Nicaragua. We taught a small community how to make sandals in hope to produce a job for the community and create a flow of income, and have a lot of fun! Without a lot of fun-who wants a business? Chris' social work background desired to create a small cottage industry in a LDC which a town could benefit from an art project. All of our artists are paid well, and our hopes is to grow the sandal business offering employment for more of the community. Although the cities are beginning to bustle in often forgot about Nicaragua, many jobs are difficult for people out in the country. Our sandal making process is time consuming, and after extensive training our sandal artists hand craft each sandal to perfection! WE have been successfully working out of Nicaragua for a few years now!"

I think it's pretty awesome, but it's of course up to you. There are probably rope sandals out there that you can get which were manufactured in the U.S. Who is this by the way?