Part 2 in a 100-Part Series of "Broadway Shows Maryann Will Never Forgive Herself for Not Seeing"


This may be the grand-daddy of them all, and it's only my second entry.

The musical The Boy From Oz originally debuted in 1998 in Melbourne, Australia, and in 2003 became the first Australian musical to make it to Broadway. At the 2004 Tony's the show was nominated for four awards including Best Musical, and Hugh Jackman won Best Actor for his portrayal of legendary Australian singer-songwriter Peter Allen.

All the songs in the show are either written or co-written by Allen, many of which may be recognizable to non-musical fans, such as: "I Honestly Love You", "The Best That You Can Do", and "Don't Cry Out Loud" (which are nowhere near my favorite songs).

I think I heard about this musical in my junior year of college and decided to order the soundtrack from my library. I couldn't believe the man who played Wolverine in the X-Men movies could play a gay pop star, and so well! Other incredible performances include Isabel Keating as Judy Garland and Stephanie J. Block as Liza Minnelli, who was married to Peter for a time.

My friend Anna here at the library lived in New York for a while, and she saw the show on Broadway. I can't tell you how many musicals I discovered for the first time by listening to the soundtrack as I shelved books in the library. But to experience the show on stage, on Broadway, with the original cast? There must be nothing like it.

My favorite songs from The Boy From Oz are "The Lives of Me", "Only An Older Woman", "Come Save Me", "Not the Boy Next Door", "Everything Old is New Again" (have it as a ringtone), "I Still Call Australia Home", "Once Before I Go", "I Go to Rio", and "Tenterfield Saddler".

I really hope someone will make the movie, and that Hugh Jackman won't be too old or too busy to star in it. Heck, I'd take him in any musical. And no, doing a voice in Happy Feet (2006) doesn't count. Thank goodness they videotaped his performance in Oklahoma!, but that's another part of this 100-part series.

This is a picture from Liza and Peter's wedding day with Judy.

At the final performance on Broadway, Hugh Jackman brought up Matt Damon for a lap dance, and then they both gave one to Barbra Walters.

And if you want to see the man in action, look no further than his 2004 Tony Awards performance of "The Boy Next Door" starring P.Diddy, Sarah Jessica Parker, and a camel.


Andrea said...

Oh my goodness. That video is hilarous.

MLight said...

It would be wonderful if they could make a movie of Boy from Oz (with Hugh Jackman, of course). I heard the Oz soundtrack and saw the videos before I saw the first X-Men movie. I was surprised that he could play such an intensely dark character!

Maryann said...

Haha I'm glad you watched it Andrea!

Moomin Light, how interesting to see the reverse of my experience with Hugh. I so, so, so wish that he would make more musicals. I heard a rumor he wanted to remake Carousel, which I would be all for because maybe it would help me like the show more. :)