If I could be anywhere in the world right now, I'd be in Lake Oswego with my parents. But if that doesn't count, I would like to be in Greenough, Montana. Glamping.

I would stay at 'Tent City' at the Resort at Paws Up. The lowdown from Dina Mishev of Sunset magazine:

Wake up to: About 20 miles of hiking trails. But as Lewis and Clark did in this area before, you can spend the day blazing your own through conifer forests, over rolling meadows, and across the trout-filled Blackfoot River, rushing from snowmelt. The last few hundred yards back to camp--with aching feet, damp clothes, and (desperately) wanting stomachs--could be tough. But then your khaki-clad camping butler meets you nearly halfway. With frosty iced tea. And, not knowing exactly what kind of mood you're in, fresh-baked cookies and fresh fruit.

The Digs: When the family owned Resort at Paws Up opened in 2005 in the Blackfoot Valley 30 miles east of Missoula, Montana, a new word entered the well-heeled adventurer's lexicon--"glamping." At the resort's Tent City, roughing it means canvas-walled platform tents with oil paintings hanging above king-size feather beds surrounded by plush pile rugs; terry-cloth robes as fluffy as the Big Sky clouds; elk-antler bedside lamps; turndown service with caddis flies for fishing in lieu of chocolates; private bathrooms with steam showers and heated slate floors in an adjacent bathhouse; in-tent spa treatments and much-needed massages. S'mores are available on demand, wine is served on arrival, and the gourmet fare is Montana-inspired (huckleberry pancakes or bison rib-eye, anyone?). But it's still just a tent that we're talking about, one tucked at the edge of a lodgepole pine forest on a former cattle ranch: silence broken only by the sounds of locals (deer, eagle, elk); 37,000 acres perfect for horseback riding, and fly-fishing; and enough stars sparkling overhead to show that no one, and especially not glampers, should settle for a hotel with a mere five.

Um, yes please.


Allie said...

Oh my God, Maryann. I have been DYING for some prairie, sky, horses... I've started listening to Emmylou Harris. Basically, I want to be a cowgirl when I graduate. Love this post!

Maryann said...

Thanks! I hope you get to be a cowgirl when you graduate--sounds perfect.

loverstreet said...

really? glamping? there was an article in outside about this sometime in the past year+--look it up @ work. sorry, but it is just too posh to count. apparently you have to wear cute clothes and avoid getting dirty. i am all for camping as it the one time it is socially acceptable to live off hot cocoa and to avoid brushing your teeth.
whoa--that was a large rant. sorry.
love to you and your true heart's desire to be outside though.

Maryann said...

Haha! Lindsey I wouldn't expect you to like the sound of this! But you're right, it's really not camping at all. And it's not worth the price when you compare to real camping: $595 a night!

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