by Billy Collins

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Janelle said...

so how did you like my fair lady? i think alfred p. dolittle was my favorite.

Maryann said...

He was fantastic--he made me laugh more than anyone. I also like Harry Einsford-Hill and how they made him drunk for his reprise of "On the Street Where You Live." I loved that Colonel Pickering was campy/gay, and of course I was freaking out whenever Marni was on stage.

But we had kind of bad seats, and my contact prescription is in need of an update, so it was hard to see their expressions. I thought Eliza was Ok, and I liked Higgins, but I didn't like 'give my heart' to them or anything. I kept thinking of the movie... I was really bummed that they glossed over a certain line that comes after "Show Me." It's the one where Harry asks Eliza, "Where are you going?" Eliza: "To the river." Harry: "What for?" And Eliza says in angry desperation: "To make a hole in it." I love that scene! And in the musical in was just a passing conversation while the set was moving and the orchestra was playing! All in all, I would have loved it more if I had sat closer. Now I've learned my lesson for next time. :)

Janelle said...

We had a smiliar reaction. I enjoyed Eliza and Higgins, but they weren't amazing. For me, they were the most difficult to understand at times. We couldn't see expressions, and our seats were so terrible that at times the English accents, especially Eliza's cockney at the beginning were tough to follow.

I loved how they kept some of the amazing staging from a few great extra scenes, like the scene at Ascot (Everyone who should be here is here..) and the scene with the servants singing "Poor Professor Higgins."

All in all, really enjoyed it, though next time I would spring for better seats too.