Million Dollar Mermaid


My $0.75 copy of The Million Dollar Mermaid: An Autobiography came today. I hear great things about it, and have always had a tremendous respect for Esther Williams. She's quite the quadruple-threat considering her experience in acting, singing, dancing, and swimming.

I'm excited to hear her dish on her experiences at MGM. How safe were her swimming scenes were to shoot? How did she like working with so many of Hollywood's leading men? It's actually hard to find many of her movies on DVD except for a TCM Esther Williams Collection. We can probably all bet that I will be purchasing it after reading her memoir!

My favorite movie with her is Take Me Out to the Ballgame (1949), though she does barely any swimming. Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra vie for her affection.

Right: Williams in Million Dollar Mermaid (1952).

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