Now that all your favorite shows are done for the summer...


You can watch the best show on TV.  Ok, best competitive reality show.

So You Think You Can Dance.  Yes, it's true.  It features incredible dancers who range from zero to a lifetime of professional training.  And this isn't the stuff you see on Dancing With the Stars (but good job, Kristy!), it includes all styles of dance: Broadway (!), contemporary, tango, ballroom, hip hop, ballet, salsa, jazz, etc.  And the choreographers are just as talented as the dancers.  By the way, I think I have a major lady crush on Mia Michaels.  She's really sweet and such an old soul!

Plus the judges aren't half as annoying as the ones on Idol.  The show airs on Thursday nights on Fox.  But be warned, it may make you want to quit what you're doing and decide to dance.  Forever.

Go here to watch a clip of last season's top 4 perform a routine to "Mein Herr" from Cabaret.

I've spent the majority of the weekend watching these two, who aren't bad either:
I have a hard time with Rogers and Astaire, though.  I adore him, but I know he must have been an awful taskmaster.  There are stories of them filming their dances sequences in over 40 takes, only to find Ginger's shoes full of blood at the end.  Now when I watch them I try to look for the blood.  So was all that pain worth it?  I think so.  But Ginger complained of her status as second fiddle to Fred all the time, which I can understand--he's the genius.  Thoughts?


Jennifer said...

I have both volumes of the Astaire/Rogers collection. Seems to me she deserves more credit. He may be the choreographical genius, but he never danced better with anyone other than Rogers...:-)

Maryann said...

Ooh I hope to own both volumes someday. But it's true, I think she beat out Eleanor Powell and Cyd Charisse as his best partner. She does deserve more credit.