I'm tired of living and scared of dying


(William Warfield)

Can we just take a second to observe the awesomeness that is encapsulated in the "Ol' Man River-Final Ultimo" by William Warfield and the MGM chorus from Showboat (1951)? So many freaking chills, goosebumps, and emotional intensity! It's palpable, people!

It's the moment when Julie (Ava Gardner) is in her navy blue cape on the docks as the Showboat begins to pull out of Natchez, to leave her forever.

Last night I watched Call Me Madam (1953), and the best part was when Merman sang "Can You Use Any Money Today?" and all I could think of was this. "You can damn well bet ass on it, Eth."

But my favorite song was "You're Just in Love (I Wonder Why)", Ethel's duet with the always adorable Donald O'Connor:

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