The Trouble with Angels


Did you ever grow up watching a movie that you now can't recall the name of nor any of the actors, only to later find the movie and be amazed at the cast/director?

Today at Office Max of all places, I spied a title that was slightly familiar to me: The Trouble with Angels (1966). I then realized it's a movie my sister and I used to rent all the time! I certainly don't remember it having such a good cast: Rosalind Russell,* Hayley Mills, and Gypsy Rose Lee (the famous stripper...I can only imagine that she must play one of the nuns)! And to top it off, it's directed by the amazingly talented actor/director Ida Lupino:

It's a comedy about two girls who are too mischievous for their Catholic all-girls school and are always getting into trouble. If I remember correctly, my favorite parts are when 1) the girls get caught smoking and set off the fire alarm, and 2) when Hayley Mills' character stays at the convent for Christmas and sees that the nuns invite people who have no family to spend the holidays with them. It's very touching.

Yay for finding beloved childhood films!

* According to Elaine Stritch, Rosalind's husband used to be referred to as "The lizard of Ros." Love it!


Holly said...

Hmm, favorite childhood flicks of mine include Polly, Polly Comin' Home, and The Buttercream Gang...none of which I can ever find at Blockbuster, sigh...

Maryann said...

Oh no! How about on amazon???

T. said...

Hi! I was so delighted to see you write about one of MY childhood favorites too - The Trouble with Angels! I even have a quote from it featured on my sidebar list of "favorite movie moments": "Mr. Gottschalk!...This is a CATHOLIC SCHOOL!" I also love when she says, "...her colossal ignorance in such elementary matters as reading, writing, and arithmetic. NOT mathematics, mind you - arithmetic!" And of course there's "REPRIEVED! And do you know WHY you were reprieved? Because I thought it would be a cruel and unchristian act to set the two of you loose on an unsuspecting world! The world is not yet ready for you..."

LOL! I bought a copy so my daughter could enjoy it too.

Maryann said...

Wow, I'd forgotten those quotes. Thanks for sharing them!

Jennifer said...

This is one of my all-time favorites! I actually looked for it last week at Blockbuster (not there)! Gypsy Rose Lee is the dance instructor ("willows, willows").