Part 1 in a 284 Part Series of What Could Have Been....


The Nerd Alert Rating for this post is: High. And orange.

Thanks to my co-worker Jackie, I've discovered one of our library's greatest books: The Best of MGM: The Golden Years (1928-59) by James Robert Parish and Gregory W. Mank.

I'm currently reading about Easter Parade (1948). Now I've known for quite some time that Gene Kelly was originally supposed to be in it but broke his ankle playing beach volleyball/touch football (I've heard both) right before shooting. But here I come to find out in this book that initially announced line-up was Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Kathryn Grayson, and Red Skelton! It would have been another Kelly- Sinatra picture, and with Kathryn Grayson!

Sigh. I love Fred Astaire and Ann Miller, I even love Peter Lawford. But ah, what could have been....

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