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Via Moomlight I learned that at the Film Experience blog, there was a simple question posed:

What's your favorite number from a movie musical?

Pretty freaking overwhelming, eh? Why don't you just ask me what my favorite day is? Or my favorite page from a book? It's too much! I can't take it! I can take it. There were 61 comments on the post by the time I got there, and people listed some good scenes. I felt goosebumps numerous times as people described the powerful moments:

"Though the Prehistoric Man number from On the Town and the Nathaniel-mentioned Tom Dick or Harry from Kiss Me Kate (which must get extra points for the magnetic presence of the one and only Bob Fosse) are battling it out for my number-two spot, the Ann Miller number that will always, always be my favorite is Too Darn Hot, also from Kiss Me Kate. It really is too TOO darn hot. The fan! the gloves-removal! The look on Kathryn Grayson's face! The bongo-accompanied dance solo in front of the two-paneled mirror! I could never get enough." - Magaret

"The Trolley Song ("With my high starched collar and my high top shoes, and my hair, piled high upon my head...") They should prescribe this scene rather than prozac." - Billy D

"Moulin Rouge - yes, I know a lot of the songs we've heard before, but it's the way Baz uses them that turns chestnuts into unforgettable moments. Ewan breaking out in song in the Elephant and everything going quiet and still; the crescendo of tango du roxanne that sends chills down my spine; Nicole sniffling tearfully, pleading with her lover to turn back in the Come What May Reprise - and the suspense as he hesitates, hesitates...then the glorious finale...and then Baz pulls the whole thing out from under you yet again." - Janice

So many kindred's wonderful. You can go yourself to see the ones I added to list (I decided not to do any repeats), but for my favorite scenes you can easily go to the 'musical' tag on my tag list and up will pop most of my favorites that are either available on YouTube or that I wrote about. I would love to sit here and write about them all again. Seriously. But as a bit of a teaser, I'll let you know that I am working on a MASSIVE post about An American in Paris. MASSIVE.

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