Pride and Prejudice (1940)


Considering how familiar one might be with the BBC miniseries, the recent Kiera Knightley adaptation, and the actual book itself, the 1940 Pride and Prejudice could come off as, well, weird.  There are significant changes from the book in plot, dialogue, and characters.  Greer Garson's Elizabeth Bennet is less than exciting.  She often seems or acts just as silly as her sisters.  I found myself wishing for Jennifer Ehle to be transported through time into the role.  Not only is she a better Elizabeth than Greer, but then I could see her act with the legendary Laurence Olivier, who makes a wonderful Darcy.  Though I can't say he compares to Olivier's Heathcliff or Maxim de Winter.  Here he is with Merle Oberson in Wuthering Heights (1939):

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