a year of mornings


Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes both woke up on December 7, 2006 and took digital photos of everyday objects on their kitchen tables and posted them on Flickr. The two women did not know each other, but noticed a striking similarity between their photographs. So they started a blog where every weekday they would post a new picture. The blog is called 3191--the number of miles between their homes in Portland, Maine and Portland, Oregon.

They took 236 of these images--always taken before 10am-- of their mornings and put them in a book called A Year of Mornings. The publisher says this:

"The intimacy of these photographs--discarded clothing, a view of a snowy day from the window, a tablecloth--combined with their striking similarities in color and composition defies the reality of their long-distance collaboration. While clearly kindred spirits, the two women have met in person only once."

On the blog I believe they are now doing a year of evenings.

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