Show of hands: Who else hoped that the movie The Ballad of Jack and Rose was going to be a Titanic sequel?


As I learned back in January, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are hitting the silver screen as lovers once more. Entertainment Weekly was on set, and they captured the attempt to rekindle the chemistry that sent moviegoers back again and again:

It's 3 a.m. on a crow-clogged New York City street and Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have spent the past few hours trying to fall in love. So far, they've come up just short of true romance. The point of diminishing returns is drawing dangerously close on the set of Revolutionary Road, where the Titanic stars are struggling with an important party scene in which they must meet, connect, and set themselves up for a life of misery together.

"In an effort to stoke passions, director Sam Mendes (Jarhead), Winslet's real-life husband, has been cranking up the volume on a Dean Martin ballad each time they launch into the scene. After 13 takes, with patience running on fumes, someone cues up the music again — only this time a practical joker has replaced Dino with Celine Dion's ''My Heart Will Go On,'' the syrupy but strangely stirring anthem from Titanic. Suddenly, it's as if someone pressed the pause button. Everyone freezes for a good five seconds. And then, without saying a word, DiCaprio wraps Winslet in his arms, she spreads hers, and they re-create the iconic hood-ornament image that was wallpapered all over the planet 11 years ago. The 300 or so extras and onlookers explode into applause, juicing the stars enough to nail the scene on the next take."

Um, how many ways can you say 'swoon'? Did I tell you all about the time when I took a frame with my parents' wedding picture in it and replaced it with a cut-out magazine picture of Leo? And that I put it on my dresser and would kiss his face every morning when I got up? No? Well there you go.

It gets better:

"Winslet, 32, has been hungry to explore different sides of her relationship with DiCaprio, with whom she has remained phone-call-in-the-middle-of-the-night close since Titanic...To nab DiCaprio, Winslet resorted to subterfuge. In March 2007, while they were both in L.A. to attend the Oscars, she arranged to have a drink with DiCaprio, who had finally plowed through the script Winslet had been badgering him to read. But instead of showing up herself, she sent Mendes alone to discuss his vision for the film...and seal the deal. "Leo and I have such a history together and I couldn't imagine not being able to apply that to this story and these characters," says Winslet. "So I played this very clever cat-and-mouse game to get my husband and then my best friend involved."

Her best friend? Collective 'aaawwww.'

There's more:

"DiCaprio was interested in venturing into uncharted terrain: playing a husband and a father. But mostly he saw this as a chance to reconnect with an old pal. "I looked at it almost like doing a play," says the actor, 33. "It was one of those situations where it just focused on these two characters, the degradation of their marriage, and who they think they are. I just thought, Wouldn't it be a wonderful experience to do it with Kate?"


And still:

"I hadn't realized how much my chemistry with him since Titanic would still stick," says Winslet.  "It's great to discover we can just slip right into it, like muscle memory."

I wasn't too excited to see this movie, but NOW...

Ok, one more.  Show of hands: who thought that Dawson's Creek was going to be about Jack Dawson?  

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