Look at this album cover.


At first glance, what does it look like to you?

I totally thought it was a hand coming out of sand holding a Darth Vader helmet.  I thought, "Very cool, Steve Perry!", but it's actually just him taking a bow in a desert.  Barefoot.  Letdown?  Methinks yes.


Spiro said...

also thought, "darth vader head"

Maryann said...

YES! Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.

theresa clare said...

I thought 'Person bending over.' Then I felt like I was obviously missing something, so I tried to see it again, and I thought 'Moth?'

Maryann said...

Hmm, ok maybe we are crazy then. It does look like it has wings...I mean 'he' looks like 'he' has wings.