Part 1 in a 249 Part Series of "Books Maryann Can't Get Enough Of--Literally"


When you find a book you really love, or a series, do you want to own multiple copies of them? I don't mean identical copies, but the hardcover, the paperback, the trade or movie version, and then copies with all the different art covers? I've decided that I want all kinds of copies of Madeleine L'Engle books (surprise all around, I'm sure). Book cover art is an amazing thing. They say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, and it's true, but some book covers are totally abysmal or cliche or misleading.

Today's candidate is A Wind in the Door. I know I should start with A Wrinkle in Time, but I'm reading A Wind in the Door right now, We'll get to Wrinkle eventually. So here is the cover art on my much-beloved, browning at the edges paperback copy that I picked up somewhere along the road of childhood:

Alright, this is actually a cover of the audiobook, but it's bigger than this picture, which is the true cover for the paperback:

Now, I love this cover. I like the different shades of purple matched with cream and green and aqua, and I always like a cover with characters: Meg, Charles Wallace's face, the Echthroi Mr. Jenkins, and of course, the glorious cherubim Proginoskes, aka Progo. Fortunately, this is my favorite cover that I've found for this book. But here are some others I'd like to find and own:

Obviously Progo was the most popular character for these artist's to attempt to communicate visually. And while many of them are creative attempts, I still have a huge fondness for the rendition on my book's cover.


Kelly said...

I always loved these too! I remember being fascinated with The Hobbit's cover art and the Chronicles of Narnia that my dad owned growing up, also.

Maryann said...

Yeah, we had awesome 70s covers of both those series, and now all the pages are brown, but I love the cover art.