"I see no reason why there couldn't be a small corner in your house where this scene is playing on a loop all the time."


Fred and Eleanor come back, in the foreground now--he's in a white tux, black tie; she's in a swirling white frock that stops at the top of her calf. Now it's a flat-out tap version of "Beguine," one of mounting speed and exuberance, with a gaiety and an energy so great that if you'd been Hitler in 1940, you might have looked at this and called a halt. Fred and Eleanor had no artillery, no cavalry, no infantry. But they had the assurance to do this dance as if in the front parlor, for millions of people. And as it ends, there's a quite enchanting moment where the dancers stop and Eleanor's loose white flower of a frock keeps dancing for a second and a half.

- David Thomson

Seriously, Cole Porter. One of the best songs EVER.

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