Fantasy book shopping spree.



loverstreet said...

thanks to you, dating jesus and sin boldly are my most recent deschutes county public library requests. (btw, i am still patronizing this library despite their claim that i did not turn a book in on time as you may recall. the book turned up, but they still charged me $1--my first library fine and it wasn't even my fault! i patronize this library because they have a monopoly on the money-making business of lending out books and other forms of media for free. basically i am trapped.)

anyhow, i love libraries. i love to walk out of there with books in my hands, hours of entertainment and new thoughts and challenges and guilty indulgences--all of this without spending a dime. where else can you get shoppers rush without forking over cash? i totally feel like i am on to something that only a few people know about. glad to know it is people like you who make said library use possible for folks like me... the ones who get a rush from borrow books. living on the edge.

also, you know i live in bend right now, right? you mentioned coming to wyoming. you could always come to bend first since that is where i currently am.

Maryann said...

How long are you in Bend?

And in library news, I totally agree, I just wish I were better about fines! Ever since that scary huge one from when I lost track of that Barba cd I have used library privileges mighty-sparingly. I really need to get on the public library bandwagon, but I love being able to write in my books and own my movies. Sigh. Teach me your ways.