Sorry Peter Lawford, I'm going to buy my own umbrella. Thanks, anyway.


I'm in the market for an umbrella. Yesterday was pouring and my umbrella broke. I want a new one, but I can't decide if I want it with a design or clear. If you know of where to find some fun umbrellas, let me know!

Musicals understand the importance of umbrellas, as well as their magical properties.


theresa clare said...

I wish you would get one the size of that huge one the couple is under. You'd keep everyone dry! The Hospitable Umbrella.

Kj said...

i'm scared of clear umbrellas- they remind me of those weird plastic sofa covers that scary people use on their living room furniture

Maryann said...

Knowing me though I'd probably knock people out with a super big one. And yeah, the clear ones are a little creepy... I would never have a clear raincoat.