All through the forest, they sing out in chorus, marching along as their songs fill the air!


I don't know why this makes me so strangely emotional, something to do with childhood and yesteryear I suppose, but iTunes has the Disney Afternoon Songbook. That's right, you can download the themes to Gummi Bears, Chip 'N' Dale's Rescue Rangers, Tale Spin, and Duck Tales. They don't write theme songs like this anymore. Not only are they about the characters, but they create a mood of danger and joy, adventure and the safety of home. Oh, Disney Afternoon, how I loved you.

Truly, today is a good day. I think Gummi Bears is my favorite, but here's Duck Tales:


Kj said...

the chord progression for the Gummi Bears theme song is very emotionaly evocative- almost all minor chords but sung upbeat- it's truly stirring- i feel similarly about the 90's winnie the pooh song-

Maryann said...

Ah-ha! So there's an explanation for it. I loved that Winnie the Pooh song too, though as a child I always felt personally offended that they chose it over "Return to Pooh Corner" by Kenny Loggins. In retrospect, they made the right choice.

Spiro said...

the gummi bears theme songs' verses are all TRIPILETs. that's what makes it so rad. but that's just beacause I'm a drummer.