Favorite Michael Moments, Part 2: Don't You Carry Nothin' That Might Be A Load


Part 1.

I can't remember how I old I was when I first saw The Wiz (1978). It must have been late high school, probably my junior year, which I'm thinking was the height of my Michael Jackson Fan career. I have my VHS copy in a storage box at the new house, and I tried to track it down this weekend but failed. Not that I have a VCR to watch it on but just so I could hold it, you know? Of course you know.

It was the first all-black musical I'd ever seen, and while entirely different that The Wizard of Oz, I loved it. Diana Ross is starving-thin, but watching her and Michael together is enchanting. Even if you haven't seen The Wiz but you are a Michael Jackson fan, you have a lot to thank it for, because it brought together Michael and Quincy Jones for the first of what would be many amazing collaborations.

I know I should post a scene from the movie, but my favorite song is "Ease on Down the Road" and there's no clip of it on youtube! So instead you'll have to see the movie yourself and settle (if you can call it settling!) for this clip of Michael on The Diana Ross Show where they performed the song together in what looks like about 1980-1981. The reason I picked it is because they do this dance move that they did down the yellow brick road in the movie that I re-watched again and again until I could do it with them. Michael starts it 20 seconds in and they do it for a full ten glorious seconds. We've also got Quincy at the piano! Enjoy:

Oh, and remember that SNL sketch of Inside the Actor's Studio where Alec Baldwin played Charles Nelson Reilly? And he says "You know, once we were taping Match Game '75, Nipsey Russell, Brett Summers and I, and we were hanging out at Gene Rayburn's house, and Nipsey says, "Charles, where does the joy come from?" And I said, "It comes from my blank and it blanks from my blank!"

Well, I knew who Nipsey Russell was because he played the Tin Man in The Wiz. So there you go.

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