pregunta musica!


I've decided that bands with a male and female lead singer are the best thing there is. Can you recommend any bands with that combination?

(I am already blissfully aware of Fleetwood Mac, The Mamas and the Papas, Little Big Town, The Hush Sound, Peter, Paul & Mary, and Mates of State...possibly others I'm blanking on, but tell me anyway.)


David said...

i recommend low—especially the album "things we lost in the fire". but only during the fall/winter.

David said...

addendum: after a brief review, the committee has ruled that highway driving on warm summer nights is also an acceptable low-listening occasion.

Maryann said...

Oooh, anything that I can drive on a warm summer's night to! I'll try 'em out!

Spiro said...

i was going to say low as well!

stars has both a male and female... and i always like it when male singers have a female voices sing along side them, even if it's not a love song. Like damien jurado or sufjan stevens.

theresa clare said...

Sam and Ruby. Although they really are more a singing-songwriting duo than a "band."

Kelly said...

matt and kim! watch these videos and see why:

Jefferson Airplane w/ Grace Slick also comes to mind.