Favorite Michael Moments, Part 11: Rivers belong where they can ramble, eagles belong where they can fly


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I'm almost completely unfamiliar with the musical Pippin. It just never made it onto my musicals radar. I'm sure that will be remedied someday, because we have a fantastic song from it today: "Corner of the Sky." The Jackson 5 recorded this song for their sixth album Skywriter, released in 1973. By this time they were growing tired of the pop music the Motown writers were writing for them, as they were writing their own songs with a more soulful disco sound. Personally, I love their stuff in both genres, but I'm glad they ended up having more artistic freedom after they moved to CBS records.

The lyrics are all about finding your own place in the world and making your life count. I keep thinking that we sang this song in my high school Mixed Choir, but I can't really remember anymore what we actually sang and what I might have fantasied about us singing.

This is one of those songs that's so sincere to me that I have nothing clever to say about it--I still take it to heart! Here's a live version that lets you see which brother got to sing which part (Marlon gets a solo!), but check out the album version too:

Here's hoping Michael's found his corner of the sky.


Kj said...

Pippin is amazing. I can;t believe you haven't met it yet.
there's a recorded performance from the 70's that's worth watching. Bob fosse choreography and i think Ann Reinking is in the chorus

Maryann said...

I'll see if it's available! I love me some Ann Reinking doing Bob Fosse choreography.