Favorite Michael Moments, Part 16: In which I prescribe his duet with Stevie Wonder as a pick-me-up for whenever you're feeling blue


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Honestly, this song somehow encapsulates all the best feelings in the world in 4 minutes, five seconds and bursts audible jubilation right to my heart. When listening to it I tend to daydream about Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson fighting over me, but then I remember that unlike the woman in this song, I would be showing so much how I cared that they'd be sick of me. Oh, the kissing and hugging that would be done (or would have been, in Michael's case. *Debbie Downer Theme*, commence!)

Why, oh, why was no music video made for this song? And on top of that, why, oh, why (I would abbreviate this term--phrase? to W.O.W. if not for the worship music collections known by the same moniker. Once again, Christians ruin everything.**) was it not released as a single off Bad? This is radio gold, people!

It's the only song on Bad not written and composed by Michael himself. (Ok, besides "Man in the Mirror." I want to believe Michael wrote it himself like I want to believe in fairies. SO MUCH.) Instead it was written by Terry Britten and Graham Lyle. How much do want to bet those guys are British? Ha ha! Britten. Get it? Moving right along.

Stevie and Michael also did a duet called "Get It" on the former's album Characters. It's no "Just Good Friends," but check it out. And now let's all travel back in time to 1987 and a magical land called Australia, where Stevie joined Michael's concert at Parramatta Stadium and performed this duet LIVE. Are you there with me? Pretend we're flying over the stage, ala U2 3D. The synthesizer comes to life...

Favorite part: "Before you make (before you make) a big mistake--remembaaaaaah" at 0:49. That, and anytime Michael says "Doggone Lover." If no one ever refers to me as their Doggone Lover in my whole life, I'll feel very unfulfilled.

*At this rate I believe we can power on through to at least 25 posts, and of course I'm already planning that number 25 will be the Debut of The Moonwalk at the Motown 25th Anniversary show. Get it? 25-25? I can feel your excitement rolling off in waves from my computer screen!

**In case you couldn't tell: sarcasm! On the heavy side!

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