Favorite Michael Moments, Part 17: So you're telling me that you *don't* weep openly over songs about telepathic rats? Huh.


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I currently have a CD in my car with "Ben" on it. And unless I want to take the Tear Train to Cry County, I have to press that skip button. It was recorded in 1972 for a movie of the same name about a bullied boy and his pet telepathic rat who becomes his best friend. The stuff of most chart-topping ballads, it ain't. I mean, a love song to a rat? Um, thanks but no thanks. But oh, when lovingly, tenderly, heart-breakingly caressed in the voice of our dear young Michael (14 at the time), I would be thrilled to have it played at my (imaginary) wedding; it's that's well-sung.

The song went on to be nominated for an Oscar (so technically Michael was Oscar-nominated!) and win a Golden Globe. It was also the first #1 hit for Michael as a solo artist. I don't really need to go into how personal this song must have been for Michael, as we know he was a very lonely child (he said he used to weep from loneliness), not to mention his strong feelings of closeness to animals (Bubbles!). Oops, there I went into it.

I swear to you, I cannot decide which version saddens me more: little Michael or older Michael. In addition to the promo performances on television shows he performed the song on the Destiny/Triumph tours with his brothers. Of course I must present all of them to you, as is my duty (and I am a slave to duty). First up is the studio album version:

And now older Michael live in 1975 (his voice is changing, and let's just say he puts Peter Brady's voice-changing to SHAME). But the real winning older Michael version is from the Triumph Tour in 1981, when he had mastered the song beyond belief (there's a long intro, feel free to jump through to a minute in. I don't...I love to hear him speak!):

I'm so torn because young Michael sings the song like a child to an imaginary friend or an actual pet; it's a child's feeling of being outcast and finally finding a friend. Adult Michael, on the other hand, sings it with such grown-up desperation for connection and fierce conviction: "I don't listen to a word...they say!" (2:53). How can you choose between his quiet, child-like sobriety and him singing the hell out of it?

What do you think? I think I need to perform an experiment, where I catch all my tears from both versions and then compare volumes.

I can't finish this post without telling you that in high school I thought this song was about Michael and I, and how people didn't see him "like I do" but I wished "they would try to" and how now it was us, now it was we.*

*Yes, I am talking with my therapist about all this. Life-changing self discoveries about my intense attachments to famous people, coming right up!

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