Favorite Michael Moments, Part 18: There ain't no way that they're gonna sit us down


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Ah, forgotten gems. Forgotten to me, that is. "Burn This Disco Out" is the last track on Off the Wall, and it ends the album with a punch of funky disco (those horns!). In the same vein as "Disco Inferno" by The Trammps, the main theme is dancing destruction. I think I love it because each section, from verse to refrain to chorus has its own unique beat and rhythm, so it creates this repeated feeling of "Oooh, this part...Oh, this part!...And this part, ah!" And can you believe Michael's background vocals? So deep for him! It may have been the first album he really introduced his falsetto singing, but it also features some of his deepest singing since before his voice changed.

It's so fun to dance to that it's amazing it wasn't released as a single. Seriously, try to sit still.

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