Favorite Michael Moments, Part 20: Disco so good it makes me cry (though we all know it doesn't take much)


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It feels like it's been ages since I did a FMM post. I went a whole 24 hours, people.* It was hard, but sometimes self-control is important. But we're back! Back with a Jackson 5 song so good you'll feel like you got a suntan from a disco ball. So good you'll want to bathe yourself in glitter and dance in a cage. So good that you might cry. Just a little!

"Forever Came Today" was written in 1967 as a ballad for Diana Ross & the Supremes, but was recorded and stolen like a thief in the night by the Jackson 5 as a disco song in 1975. Writing team Holland-Dozier-Holland consider it one of their best songs, and I heartily agree. It's so good I want to hold it in my hands (if such a thing was possible). I'm not able to articulate what uses of musical elements were employed to make it so, but its mood makes me jealous of the singer's love. I want to live in this song. And definitely dance to it.

It's absolutely unheard of, but my favorite part of the song isn't sung by Michael, but by Marlon (that's how good the song is! It transcends my frightening obsession!). It's a the end of the chorus when he sings "it came today, forever came to today." It kills me.

Here's the scrumptious album version (available in two separate versions from the combo albums of Moving Violation and Dancing Machine that you can get together for ONLY $7.99 on iTunes), and here is a live (really live) performance in Mexico, 1975:

Their energy is off the charts. Just when I think nope, that's it, we're done, no more Jackson 5 songs, I revisit another gem like this one and I have no choice. Jackson 5 FTW. For. The. Win.

*I had a two hour long medical exam yesterday, and while the technician was very nice, I felt so empty when I was done and very alone. Fortunately I had a very fun evening ahead of me, but as I drove away from the hospital all I could think was how I wanted to blog about Michael Jackson so I could feel better.

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