Favorite Michael Moments, Part 23: Get up! Wontchagoongetdownshakeyourbodywontchagoongetdown!


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'Cause there's a chance for chances, and the chance is choosin.' My thoughts exactly.

"Get On the Floor" was written by Michael Jackson and his bassist Louis Johnson for Off the Wall.* Isn't that cool? I think that's so cool. Johnson also played bass on "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" and one of the most famous basslines EVER: "Billie Jean."

Yes, I am still obsessed beyond belief with ze disco beats, but I promise Thriller and all its audible delights is just around the corner. I'm also thinking I'll do a couple songs from HIStory. Unheard of! Depressing! But we'll go for it anyway. But ah, while we're here in the disco, how can anything in life be wrong or distressing? Let your fears and pain and sadness and uncomfortable medical exams melt away with the beat. Here I am, dance floor; take me now!

Besides the obvious reasons as to why this song is a treat for the senses (the horns, the strings, the unbelievable bass line!), we have a fantastic 'rap' from Michael, as well as some of the deepest singing I believe he ever recorded as an adult artist. His "then why don't you just dance across the floor" is such a departure from his usual falsetto, I had to triple check that it was him. And the rap! The rap brings me back to this song again and again. It starts out low and quiet at 2:29, just a whisper in the background of the chorus. It disappears for a horn solo, and then it's just the backbone of the percussion and a synth(?) at 2:52. Something's comin'! You don't what it is, but it is gonna be great!

At 2:59 the bongos enter with some vocalizing. A bit of strings, and then 3:07 he starts out small:

Get up. Wontchagoongetdownshakeyourbodywontchagoongetdown. (3x)

But on the third time, the music builds with his rising volume and intensity.

Wontchagoongetdownwontchagoongetdownwontchagoongetdown OW!

And it begins again, but stronger, fiercer!


He repeats it with more sass and variation as he goes, once again building to an exclamation. The chorus starts again, and he adds an adorable laugh after 'floor' that is so precious I can't even handle it.

*Are you nervous I'm going to do every song from Off the Wall? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I might.

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