Favorite Michael Moments, Part 24: Just remember whatever makes you feel that way, don't you worry cause I'm gonna stay right by your side


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Did anyone else sob uncontrollably in their car to this song as they drove home from their dry run* to their medical center in First Hill last night? Lovely sunset, I must say.

"Lookin' Through the Windows" was written by Hal Davis for the Jackson 5's 5th studio album by the same name released in May 1972. This is another one of their songs that I generally like the whole of, but cherish a particular segment of. That part, as you might have guessed, is in the title of this post. The song is slow and groovy, and then jumps up in tempo for the chorus and is sung so beautifully by Michael: Just remember whatever makes you feel that way, don't you worry 'cause I'm gonna stay right by your side. Love it. Over and over and over. I also like the zat-dat-dat-dat-dat-dah's towards the end.

Her's an almost live version from the Sonny and Cher show (skip to 1:24):

*When I'm especially stressed about a drive to somewhere unknown that I must arrive on time at (blech to my sentence structure there), I tend to do a dry run of the trip to calm my nerves. I can just get there when I get there, estimate how early I'll need to leave the next day, get familiar with my exit and street signs, and scout my parking options. I'm not Type A so much as paranoid.

And thank God I did this, because I accidentally wrote down the instructions for coming from I-5 north (so from the south) instead of from the north (so I-5 south). Totally clear? So last night I followed the online directions from the website to take the Dearborn exit to James St. rather than just taking the James St. exit itself, landing smack-dab in the middle of some kind of International district celebration involving closed streets and flashing firetrucks and assloads of pedestrians topped off with a conniption suffered by yours truly. But I got out alive, found the clinic, and drove home crying to this amazing song! And the pretty sunset.

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