Favorite Michael Moments, Part 28: When he went girl shopping. To an EXCELLENT beat.


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I can't stop listening to this song. Can't. Stop. It's like a drug (my own personal brand of heroin). The way it is musically crafted and sung is perfect to me. The lyrics, I could take or leave. But the sound, and Michael's voice... I believe this one is going on my Life Soundtrack. If I make you a mix CD anytime within the next 6 months, you can probably guarantee this number will be on there. Unless I become horribly sad about something. But I won't! Not with a song like this to listen to!

It's from the Jacksons lowest selling album, 1977's Goin' Places. It was their second and last record for CBS before moving onto success with Epic. I don't know what went wrong, maybe it was marketing, because the album is fantastic. The brothers weren't allowed to write most of the songs, but this one, "Different Kind of Lady" was one of theirs. And ooh, baby you can tell.

Favorite parts just because of how Michael sings them:

I'm here to please you in every way I can, prove to you that I'm the only man

Well, I love you in case you'd like to know, you're a lady, and that's a different show

She's so fine, she's all mine

They sound like they're having so much fun. And Michael's so sassy-classy. Love, love, love. Try not to dance. Try!

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