Favorite Michael Moments, Part 7: Much Like Sequins, "You Know That Love Survives So We Can Rock Forever On"


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While we're in an Off the Wall mood, let's keep on movin' and groovin.' The video for "Rock With You" is a similar concept to "DSTYGE" in its simple camera work, minimal special effects, and stand-dancing (is he dancing? Is he standing?) style but it has unique charm all its own. "Rock With You" was released a few months after "Don't Stop," and went to #1 on both the pop and R&B charts.

For this video Jackson opted for a dark, smoky stage, plus rear and overheard lighting with intermittent Spirographs of light at his feet. But most memorable of all is his outfit featuring some serious sequins action. His top looks like one of Dr. Huxtable's sweaters and a Bedazzler had a love child. But I love the beginning where you can't even tell what's he wearing. He's far away and all you can see is his distorted sillouette as he dances before the green, twirling light.

As it is a joyful song, it's comforting to see Michael look so happy as he sings. It's interesting that he chose to sing with a microphone in this video. It is a smoother beat, so maybe it seemed like it would make up for the less intense dance moves? Or is it to make it seem less sensual, more theatric than personal? Who knows? But I am jealous of all you people who may have danced to this in the early 80s at clubs or discos. So smooth.

Update: "I think I wanna rock!" Be sure to see Michael perform this live in Japan on his 1987 Bad tour. The intro is INCREDIBLE.

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