(This picture finally proves for me that my glasses are, in fact, cattywompus.

I have needs, ok? And those needs include, but are not limited to, buying homeade Captain EO shirts off Etsy. With Michael now on my chest, I feel a little better. Also listed in the 'needs' category:

1) Writing incessantly about Michael Jackson until I am burned out. If you're looking for an reference point, I'm still at a low, constantly-stirred, bubbling simmer, and nowhere near burning. Feel free to check back in a week or so.
2) Buying magazines with photo tributes of him.
3) NOT, I repeat, NOT listening to any ballads/slow songs. Too soon. We'll get to them though, and whoo boy when we do, there will be some destruction of the rainforest while I help out those lovely Kleenex stock-holders.
3) Currently, some chocolate would be nice.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain ... I'm the only one in the house that truly liked his music :(

Maryann said...

Aww, Marissa, I'm sorry. Hopefully they're still allowing you to mourn!