Part 1 in a 53 Part Series of Super Friends: The Painter


Anything I write about myself these days feels dark and hopeless. If I had been able to find a suitable video of "Bookends Theme" to embed then that would have been today's post. But thanks to a Pumpkin Spice Latte--my first of the season--I want to lift up my head. Looking at some of my amazingly talented friends makes me feel lucky and inspired, which I usually prefer to DESPAIR and GLOOM. So let's put some friends in here to break up the misery--if they can do it in my real life, I believe they have the power to do it on my blog as well.

In my first Super Friends post, I want to appreciate the beautiful paintings of my friend Bridget. She finds beauty in all things around her, so it makes sense that beauty would flow out of her as well. Here are some of her watercolor works from her Etsy shop:

A painting of the 'nest' she stayed in on a recent trip to Greece.

"Forest Dreamer." (I love it all, but the squirrel tail and ferns best.)

A blue Himalayan poppy painted after one she grew in her garden (!).

She also takes natural things from her garden, and paints around them to create marine life!

This last painting is my personal favorite, and the first one I bought for my place. "Roses.":

All of the prints above (and two of the marine petal-fish prints) are available to buy at her shop, along with many other gorgeous creations. This is just part of Bridget's creativity, as she is also an excellent photographer, a brilliant interior designer, dresser, cook, writer, etc. The list goes on and on. Basically, I would give my right arm for a hair's breadth of her natural creativity. (Maybe God would accept a meningocele?)


Spiro said...
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Spiro said...

I agree! creative genius!

drifting satellite said...

was her greece painting inspired by the island of santorino?


Maryann said...

Yes, Oia, Santorini, I believe! Have you been, Erin?

drifting satellite said...

oh yeah santorini. i must have been confusing it with santino from project runway. i haven't been. i've just seen gorgeous pictures--always the same beautiful blue hues.

Maryann said...

Yes, it looks like heaven. I hope we both get to see it in person someday!