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I loved Pink's song "Glitter In The Air" when it first came out on her Funhouse album, but her Grammy performance blew me away. My main reaction to the song is how Joni-Mitchellesque she is in her songwriting, how personal she let's it be, even as a major pop artist and not some coffee-shop folk singer (who I love, of course).

I know that people in the audience were probably blown away by her performance because of its originality and awe-inspiring choreography, but I think they were also humbled that she would sing such a vulnerable song at the Grammy's, especially with how public she was about her divorce with her husband (they're back together).

I've always liked Pink's music (GREAT for in the car), but of course I've got love her because she has short bleached hair, which I miss (the bleached part--obviously my hair's still pretty short).

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