Chicago's own killer dillers, those scintillating sinners


I loved Chicago. So fun, so entertaining, so sexy, so much better than the movie (who saw that coming?). I had no idea how long overdue I was to see a dancing musical on stage. Both actors playing the leads were great (especially Roxie--she was hilarious and I kept thinking that she was skipping right over Renee Zellweger and doing a fabulous Gwen Verdon tribute instead), and John O'Hurley was totally fun, but it was the chorus that stole my heart--and my eyes. Good grief, these people are flexible. And guess who was listed as choreographer? Why ANN REINKING. That's right, they kept the original choreography from her 1995 revival and holy mother was it fantastic. The Fosse influence was all over the dancing, through and through.

My favorite dancer was this shorter red-headed man who was a dead ringer for Seth Green, so then I spent the rest of the show pretending he was Seth Green as he danced all over the stage in his tight pants. There weren't any headshots with the actor biographies in the program, but I'm convinced that he, or Bowler Hat Man, my other favorite, might be the dance captain. Just because they were my favorites. Bowler Hat Man was positively Fosse incarnate. Incredible.

And our Mama Morton was CAROL WOODS. As in this powerhouse:

Though it was sort of weird to have her go from singing "Let it Be" to the rather raunchy (or really raunchy depending on your standards) lyrics of this show, she owned it and was a joy to watch. Yes, there's some serious sexism here, but it's still worlds better than that last musical I saw.

Honestly, this is musical theater at its best , so go see it if you can!

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