Did I ever tell you about my first ebay purchase? (Incidentally also one of my greatest shames?)


Before Glee there was another show full of high schoolers covering popular songs. It aired on the Disney channel, and as a child I would watch it in my grandmother's basement because we did not have the cable. Little did I know at the time that I was watching the true love of my future adolescent life start out his music career.

Joshua Scott Chasez auditioned for the re-vamping of the Mickey Mouse Club, newly titled MMC, in 1988 with, of course, Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting." The song was aptly chosen, considering I'd later belt it 'to' him in my bedroom years later. But more on that in a moment. Obviously accepted into the new cast, his named was changed to JC, as there was already another Josh. He stayed until MMC's cancellation in 1994, where he would later go on to join some boy band.

Though I watched the show in its original air time in the 90s, it wasn't until my obsession with NSYNC several years later that led me back to MMC. I wanted to watch JC, but also Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling, Keri Russell, and countless other now-famous people dance and sing and 'put on a show' like only kids in the Disney system can. I wasn't the only one, so the Disney channel began re-runs of the old episodes, re-runs I faithfully watched over and over again at my friend Chrissy's house.

A specific song stuck out to me, and I felt that twinge of obsession take hold: I had to have it. It was--what else?--Richard Marx's "Now and Forever" sung by JC and Tony Lucca. There was a MMC soundtrack, but no "Now and Forever." What was I to do? I went to the internets, and they saw my great need. At eBay, waiting just for me, was "The Club Mix." Some divine person had ripped 21 of JC's songs from MMC and put them on a CD. My parents, also divine, were willing to help me sign up for eBay and bid on this glorious artifact. Below, I give you the track listing and videos where available--which is for most of them--AREN'T YOU PLEASED?

1. "(I Can't Live Without Your) Love and Affection" originally by Nelson, sung by JC.

2. "More Than Words" originally by Extreme, sung by Tony and JC.

3. "Can't Get Next to You" originally by The Temptations. Here's JC with Blain, Marc and Matt:

4. "Thinkin' Back" originally by Color Me Badd, sung by JC.

5. "Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)" originally by Marvin Gaye, sung by JC...and someone else...?

6. "Jam" originally by Michael Jackson, sung by JC.

7. "Live and Learn" originally by Joe Public, sung by Marc with JC RAPPING. (Note Keri Russell busting a move:)

8. "Walls of Love" originally by...I couldn't tell you. Sung by JC.

9. "Mysterious Ways" originally by U2, sung by JC and Mylin.

10. "End of the Road" originally by Boyz II Men, sung by JC, Matt, Tony, Jason, and Kevin:

11. "The Hitman" originally by AB Logic, sung by Dale, JC, Matt, Mylin, and Keri:

12. "Runaway Train" originally by Soul Asylum, sung by JC, Dale and Marc. Look out for the creepy random clown.

13. "Who is It?" originally by Michael Jackson, sung by Josh and JC.

14. "Two Princes" originally by Spin Doctors, sung by JC, Matt and Tony:

15. "Cry For You" originally by Jodeci, sung by JC, Dale, Ryan Gosling, and Justin Timberlake. Oh, girl...just try to resist their over-sized khaki suits. So much 90s sexiness.

16. "Got No Shame" originally by Brother Cane, sung by JC, Marc and Tony Lucca.

17. "Now and Forever" originally by Richard Marx, sung by JC and Tony Lucca!

18. "The Calling" originally by Yes, sung by JC and others. LOVE THIS.

19. "I Only Have Eyes For You" originally by Ben Selvin in 1934 and then among others too. Sung by JC, Justin, Dale and Josh:

20. "When Can I See You Again" originally by Babyface, sung by JC, Tony and Rhona.

21. "You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast" originally by Spin Doctors, sung by JC, Matt and Tony.

22. "Break it Down Again" originally by Tears for Fears, sung by JC, Josh, Tony and the gang!

The amazing thing is how many more there are to find on youtube, that most glorious of God's creations. Also, that I still find JC's voice to be thoroughly intoxicating even now. And that I hope one day they release all 7 seasons of MMC on DVD because I would buy that shit in a heartbeat.


Allie said...

Oh man. Good times. I was so jealous of the kids on that show.

Spiro said...

oh the memories. i was also an avid fan of kids incorporated.

Kj said...

holy miniature Ryan Gosling. Really puts the gosling in Gosling. and also holy giant khakis AND giant timberland SHOES.
and also- Kevin went to my high school. I'm friends with his younger sister.

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