Time Machine Game: "Mandy. Is that a male friend, like Mandy Patinkin?" Edition


If I had a time machine, I would travel to New York City on Sep 25, 1979 for the opening night of Evita. And then I would just stay through his last show as Che: Jun 26, 1983. (And then I would pop over to the set of Yentl, and make Barbra give him at least one song.) The man may excel at Sondheim, but his Lloyd Webber/Rice leaves nothing to be desired. Except him. (His "High Flying Adored" takes Antonio Banderas' to school.)

I would settle for a quality DVD of one of the original cast performances, but you know, that's much more unlikely.

Here he is (2 min. in) with Patti Lupone (splendiferous in her own right--4:18!) at the Tony's:

And surely I'm not the only person who fantasizes about being fought over by Mandy and *swoon* Robert Westenberg. Right?

Or that he and Bernadette Peters have been a secret couple ever since Sunday in the Park with George?

Surely there are others.


Allie said...

I feel like the "second golden age of Broadway" was when Mandy, Patti, and Bernadette were doing their thing. I too wish I could have seen them live. I have a huge crush on Mandy Patinkin.

Maryann said...

That's a great way to put it! And it's so true. Thank God they at least taped most of Sondheim's shows. We need to start petitioning they do it with ALL original casts!