Goodbye to the month of May (and good riddance)


I still haven't seen the new scar. Is it even a scar yet? In the hospital we called it 'the incision.' My mom offered to take a picture of it for me, but I declined. Before surgery I took pictures of my lower back (not too easy to do by yourself), just like I did of my pre-scar abdomen.

At least I don't have to get used to seeing this new one. I'm still not used to the one on my abdomen. I have loved getting used to my tattoos. Sometimes I still can't believe I got them, and that they will be there forever, in all of my future.

If I ever decide to wear a bikini in said future, and I may not, I've decided that if children ask me about my scars, I'll tell them I was impaled on a pirate's sword, and lived to tell the tale. 'I swear by my tattoo.'


The Queen of Chaos said...

Letting you know that I'm reading and praying for you.

Maryann said...

Thanks, Marissa. I hope you and yours and doing well.

Lucy Pauline said...

I want to be there when you tell that story to children!

this is really silly, but I just came across this:,,20053264,00.html#20788538

and thought she looked like you! (and I think she's adorable, hope you don't think otherwise!)

sending my love and light,