I don't know no love songs, and I can't sing the blues anymore


On Friday my family is going to the Carole King and James Taylor concert in Portland. In my days at the hospital and in recovery at my house, my mom read me Girls Like Us by Sheila Weller. It's a biography of three of the most influential female singer-songwriters in the 60s/70s: Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, and Carole King. Considering James wrote music with Carole, dated Joni, and married Carly, he showed up all over the book, probably more than any other side character.

In a weird sense, this concert will be closing out my first-surgery act, as we embark on the second surgery and all the meaning and memories it will have. But James and Carole transcend even that, as I listened to their music often as a child, and well into adulthood. Jenny and I attended a James Taylor concert less than a week after 9-11, and it was sob-ville. I'm assuming this concert will be equally emotional for me, though of course in a different way. I'll be happy if I hear Fire & Rain, Sweet Baby James, and You Can Close Your Eyes.


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Have a blast! These 2 definitely defined my college years in the 70s(and beyond)