Still my favorite dance from all 8 seasons.


Whenever Mia Michaels bugs me as a judge, I need to remember she choreographed that. Season 3, it seems you will never be topped. And I miss the old stage!

"It's me! Alan!"

The Friday Night Project/Sunday Night Project is my latest British obsession (of which I am currently juggling plenty). Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr co-host a sketch/interview show with a celebrity, and I love them both dearly, especially the segment when they bond with the guest, as well as the clues Alan provides during the Big Fun Gameshow. To top it off, they happen to choose guests and musical acts I adore (or at least find amusing), so I know we'd be great friends if I could just get to England and stalk them incessantly.

Beth Ditto (with Kate Nash). Elijah Wood (with Heloise and the Savoir Faire). Catherine Tate (with Lady Gaga). David Tennant (with Amy Winehouse). John Barrowman (with The Coral). Billie Piper (with Texas). Kim Cattrall (with Rhianna). Gok Wan (with One Night Only). Lily Allen (with herself).

Take me to the Singing Sand Dunes of China.


(Sounds like something I would say to the Doctor.) This is the Crescent Moon Spring:

Located in Jiuquan of Gansu Province. Let's go to there!

It's like a GQ spread with a storyline.


I can't believe I didn't know about the movie Inside Daisy Clover until yesterday. Once again, TCM keeps me in the know.

1965 + Robert Redford + Christopher Plummer + Ruth Gordon + Musical = Inside Daisy Clover.

Uh-oh! Looks like someone's caught in a dreamy-jerk sandwich!

Current song: "Should I Stay" by Gabrielle


I remember listening to her song "Out of Reach" on repeat for pretty much all of 2003. (David Tennant also does a great job with this one.)

"How long are you going to stay with me?" "Forever."


I tried to soften the blow with oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough and a fluffy kitty but to no avail. Tonight I was on the last episode of David Tennant's Doctor Who, and there was no escaping the sadness. I held myself and cried like a baby.

Without spoiling anything, I will say I thought it was a great finale, hitting all the right emotional points and giving good resolution to his 3+ years as the 10th incarnation (re-generation) of the Doctor. I now feel free to watch old episodes of the show, as well as move on to the 11th Doctor. Matt Smith recently played the theme song at Glastonbury on keyboard, proving he's got plenty of his own awesome stored up for us. But there will never be another David Tennant Doctor Who. So much energy and enthusiasm and passion and heartache.*

My own obsession has taken form in shoewear, buying a pair of the Doctor's Chuck Taylor All-Stars (my first pair). I've been wearing them all week. David Tennant, wherever you are, please star in lots of romantic comedies and marry Dawn French already, making my British-fantasy-couple dreams come true.

(someone's a camera whore)


* Spoiler: I'm still holding out for a Rose Tyler and human Doctor special about them in the alternate universe, growing old together (see: Journey's End) and having lots of sex and babies.

Give me an 'm'! Give me an 'r'! Give me a 'i'!


Just got back from two MRIs, one pelvic, one lumbar. They were some of my worst ever. The technician had to tape my feet together to keep me from moving my hips. Heat seemed to be radiating into my back from the machine (though I was promised it wasn't radiation so not to worry!), and at one point the technician didn't turn my radio back on after speaking to me through the microphone, and he couldn't hear me over the machine, so I spent a solid 10 minutes listening to a rhythmic clanging sound that, coupled with the cloth over my eyes, made me feel like I was spinning wildly into space and unable to move.

In between the MRIs I visited the bathroom and saw myself in teal scrubs with a bright blue hairnet. I looked like a surgeon, not a patient.

Songs that I really wish hadn't played on the radio: "Amazed" by Lonestar and "Follow Me" by Uncle Kracker. Barf.

My favorite kind of Doctor's visit.


David Tennant as Doctor Who ON THE BRAIN. I may or may not had a dream in the hospital that the Tardis showed up in my room and out came the Doctor, asking me to be his new companion. So when I saw the episode where Martha is in a hospital gown, and he gives her his trench coat to wear, I might have died a little inside. Just a little.