Give me an 'm'! Give me an 'r'! Give me a 'i'!


Just got back from two MRIs, one pelvic, one lumbar. They were some of my worst ever. The technician had to tape my feet together to keep me from moving my hips. Heat seemed to be radiating into my back from the machine (though I was promised it wasn't radiation so not to worry!), and at one point the technician didn't turn my radio back on after speaking to me through the microphone, and he couldn't hear me over the machine, so I spent a solid 10 minutes listening to a rhythmic clanging sound that, coupled with the cloth over my eyes, made me feel like I was spinning wildly into space and unable to move.

In between the MRIs I visited the bathroom and saw myself in teal scrubs with a bright blue hairnet. I looked like a surgeon, not a patient.

Songs that I really wish hadn't played on the radio: "Amazed" by Lonestar and "Follow Me" by Uncle Kracker. Barf.


Spiro said...

i am so sorry.

Spiro said...
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